About Us

At Finger Lakes Pet Resort, we know pets are members of the family, and that’s how they should be treated. We’re all about providing a safe, relaxing, and comfortable home-away-from home that both you and your pets love.

2018 Best of Finger Lakes

about dog daycare

About Finger Lakes Pet Resort

Here are some of the upgrades and improvements that have been installed:

  • Added 5 new outdoor play yards, double fenced and equipped with exciting obstacles and toys
  • Built 4 new indoor play areas, climate-controlled and covered in dog-friendly rubber flooring
  • Constructed a new cat lodging area, separate from our dog lodging and designed especially for kitty comfort
  • Built a lodging area just for puppies, with puppy-sized suites so the young ones can lodge in the same area
  • Added a separate hallway of brand-new suites for our doggie daycare guests
  • Added new, spacious suites of various sizes to provide more options for our furry guests
  • Upgraded our security systems with modern, first-rate technology
  • Installed a hospital-grade generator on-site to guarantee safety & power at all times

You can be sure we’ll continue to upgrade and improve our facility. Nothing is too good for your pets!

What Makes Finger Lakes Pet Resort So Special?

  • We want you and your pets to think of us as your doggie (and kitty) paradise. Here are some of the special amenities we’re so proud of.
  • Located on more than 8 gorgeous acres of natural grass, Finger Lakes Pet Resort is the biggest pet care facility in the area. Our outdoor yards are completely double-fenced and filled with the safest, most fun toys and play equipment available.
  • We have not one, but multiple separate HVAC systems to keep our facility fresh and comfortable for your pets. Each system is equipped with UV light chambers for sanitation second to none, not to mention our first-rate dedicated cleaning systems.
  • Ambient music plays softly during quiet times to help your pet relax and catch some much-needed Z’s after their fun day with us.
  • We want your pets to have the best possible stay with us while you’re away. To achieve this, we have implemented protocols to enrich the experiences of the pets in our care. Personal attention goes into the stay of each and every pet.
  • Social, activity-based lodging is incredibly healthy and enriching for dogs. Having a routine of fun gives your pets something exciting to look forward to, keeping them having a great time rather than missing you too much. It’s beneficial for their minds and bodies, and totally supervised by our well-trained staff.
  • We’re conveniently located in Farmington, NY, and pet lovers from all over the Rochester area trust Finger Lakes Pet Resort to care for their pets every day.