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Fun & Safe Doggie Daycare in Farmington, NY

While you’re away, your dog will play! Doggie daycare at Finger Lakes Pet Resort offers everything dogs need to be happy and healthy: exercise, mental stimulation, socialization, human attention, and fresh air! Not to mention all daycare is 100% supervised by specially-trained staff. Whether you’re at work or out of town, you can enjoy the peace of mind your dog’s having a blast with us. No lonely, bored, or naughty dogs here!

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Our Exciting Indoor and Outdoor Daycare

Finger Lakes Pet Resort sits on more than 8 acres of beautiful land- the biggest in the area! Our play yards are double-fenced, with some naturally grassy and others covered in premium canine turf. During cold or rainy weather, our furry guests love playing in our rubber-floored indoor play areas!

  • Play equipment and safe toys make our daycare a canine playground!
  • In hot weather dogs love our splash pools and sprinklers
  • Daycare staff are extensively trained, and oversee play at all times
  • Playtime consists of a variety of pre-planned activities to keep things exciting and stimulating
  • Celebrate holidays and seasonal fun with us! Ask us about our private birthday parties!


Safety is our Specialty

Your dog’s safety is number one at Finger Lakes Pet Resort, and our expansive play areas were designed with safety in mind. When you drop off your dog at our daycare, you can rest assured she’ll be having lots of healthy fun with his new friends.

  • Every daycare visitor passes a temperament evaluation before joining a group
  • Staff members undergo industry-leading training programs before supervising daycare
  • Playgrounds are separated by size and playstyle, with groups kept small for maximum safety and comfort
  • Plenty of rest periods keep dogs recharged and happy
  • We even have special suites just for our daycare guests!
  • Shaded areas and water play keep pups cool on hot summer days


Built for Them- And for You

From our facility to our practices, Finger Lakes Pet Resort provides the best in safety and fun for your precious pup. And, of course, we aim to please our human clients just as carefully!

  • Daycare is available 7 days a week
  • Dogs of any age enjoy our daycare program, even puppies as young as 9 weeks
  • Individual daycare is available for less social dogs—our caregivers are happy to be their playmates!
  • We offer daycare every day of the year, including weekends and holidays
  • We accept daycare reservations to ensure room for your pup
  • We’re conveniently located just 1.5 miles off I-90, exit 44
  • Call us today with any questions you have about our doggie daycare!


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Call Us To Schedule A Daycare Reservation

Schedule your pet for a fun day of play in our Dog Daycare Program!

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Why do professionals recommend doggie daycare?

Mental & Physical Stimulation. Dogs have active minds and bodies, and they’re happiest when kept busy. This is especially true when you’re away from home! Doggie daycare is the perfect place for dogs to play all day under the watchful care of our staff. Our daycare program includes specially-designed activities to keep dogs entertained. By the time you pick them up, they’ll be ready to relax with you.

Exercise is the Key to a Healthy Dog. In this busy world, many pet parents simply don’t have the time to provide their dog the exercise he needs to stay healthy as possible. While walks are important, they don’t deliver the same benefits as a full day of running and playing. While you’re away or at work, your dog will spend her pent-up energy in the healthiest ways in our daycare.

Dogs Need Socialization. As you know, dogs are pack animals with an instinctive need for both canine and human interaction. At Finger Lakes Pet Resort, we’ll satisfy that need in a constructive and protected environment. Plus, proper socialization is vital to a dog’s confidence and psyche.

It’s Good for Your Home, Too! Dogs left alone all day can develop destructive behaviors. Have you ever come home to chewed shoes? Destroyed furniture? Claw marks in the hardwood floors? What about “accidents?” Daycare curbs all these behaviors while providing healthy stimulation for your dog.

Frequently Asked Questions

To keep our daycare one of the safest in the area, we require all our guests be up to date on their vaccinations for rabies, distemper and Bordetella.