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Therapy Dog Training

Finger Lakes Pet Resort provides Therapy Dog Training for pet owners in the Rochester and Finger Lakes area.

Therapy Dog Certification Prep Class

What is the class?

Therapy Dog Certification Prep Class. Classes will help prepare you and your dog for the Therapy Dog International (TDI) and Pet Connections certification tests.

Who is it for?

Dogs 12 months of age or older (at time of evaluation) who have already completed several obedience classes. Dogs must be friendly with people and comfortable working around other dogs. See below for more information on determining if your dog is right for this class. Proof of up-to-date vaccinations required.

How much does it cost? $160
How long does it run? 8 weeks

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Therapy Dog Class Schedule

Upcoming Class:

  • Fridays at 7pm starting 11/15/19

Due to high demand for this class, we recommend that you request a spot in advance.


Studies have shown that a patient's blood pressure is lowered and the immune system is strengthened when interacting with companion animals. Residents in long term care facilities become bored and lonely. Animal visits lift the spirits and in some cases eliminate or reduce the need for psychotropic drugs. Therapy animals are also useful in physical therapy. Grooming, petting or throwing a ball can increase range of motion and provide low impact exercise for the residents.

Dogs are certified through Therapy Dog International (TDI) or Pet Connections. Certifying your animal is very important because it insures the pet owner in case of an incident. It is important for the facility to know that an animal is tested and determined to be safe to visit residents.

More on deciding if your dog is ready for the Therapy Dog Prep Class

Many people want to enroll their dog in the therapy dog prep class because they have a social dog who loves people. While this is a great attribute and is definitely a plus for dogs that become visiting teams at nursing homes, children's reading programs, etc., temperament is only one piece of the puzzle. Dogs coming in to the therapy dog prep class must have well-developed obedience skills and experience prior to starting the class. The therapy dog prep class is not for building skills, but rather for honing them in the unique settings that therapy dog certified teams will encounter during their visits. If your dog is friendly and loves people, but has never taken an obedience class, we recommend starting with the Intro to Family Manners Class to build the obedience skills before working on therapy dog certification. If your dog has taken obedience class.

The Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Preparation Class would give you the background skills necessary to take a therapy dog prep class, but it requires some foundation before starting the class. It is not required to take the therapy dog evaluation, but it is strongly recommended. We offer review classes for the CGC test and CGC testing at Finger Lakes Pet Resort. A good way to prepare for the CGC test and/or the therapy dog class is to take our Family Manners Class and then take some of our 4-week classes that focus on a specific skill set like polite greetings, leash manners, impulse control, and recalls.

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Start the journey to a better, well-behaved dog!

Important Information for all Obedience Training classes

You must have your vet fax your dog’s most recent vaccination records or bring a copy to the first class. We do accept proof of titer tests in lieu of vaccinations. Talk with your vet to determine the best vaccine protocol for your dog. Our fax number is (585) 924-0209.

Behaviors NOT acceptable for a class setting are: Dog aggression, aggression towards people, obsessive barking and unmanageable leash pulling.  If your dog displays any of these behaviors, please contact us to discuss the best option for you and your dog.

  • We do not offer make-ups for missed classes.
  • We do not offer refunds for classes or private lessons.
  • Private lesson packages expire 6-months from purchase date.

Supplies to bring to class

  • Your dog and family members
  • Proof of current vaccinations (distemper & rabies are required, bordatella/kennel cough is strongly recommended)
  • About 100 small soft stinky treats (think: meat, cheese, hot dog - cut up into pea-sized pieces)
  • Treat pouch
  • 6ft leash and collar
  • Your dog’s favorite toy
  • Stuffed Kong or bone
  • A towel, blanket, mat or carpet square for your dog to rest on

Please do not hesitate to email or call us if you have any questions: or (585) 398-3647.